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The Science of Hydration focuses on the specific needs of replenishing levels quickly and efficiently to maximize performance, recovery and health. Our in-house physician has created specialized IV Therapies that safely provide you with nutrients, medication, and vitamins to supply your body with everything you need to be at your very best.

IV hydration typically takes 30-40 minutes, so make yourself comfortable in our state of the art modern spa. Featuring individual lounge chairs, relaxed sitting areas, and private rooms for groups. In addition to IV hydration, Hydrate Me offers oxygen therapy to help the revitalization process.

IV Therapies

Concierge Service Available – Busy, can't make it into our Grandview location? We’ll come to you (Columbus Area) for a $75 service fee.


Add-Ons are a great way to take advantage of your drip by adding med/minerals to any IV that does not already include it.

Glutathione - $45

Recovery + Strength +
Endurance + Detoxification

Tri-Amino - $25

Lean Body Mass + Performance +
Wound & Injury Healing

L-Glycine - $25

Regulates Blood Sugar + Treats Low
Energy & Helps w/Fatigue

Taurine - $25

Mental Health + Antioxidant


Add A Bag

$25 - 1L NS (Normal Saline)


$25 / 30 min.  or  $1 / per min.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Kits

$35 - Customizable for your party

Hangover Kit

$25 - The Essentials...


Get 2 Shots For $40!
It's a great way to boost your immune system, burn fat and replace essential vitamins with the immediacy of a Booster Shot.

Vitamin B-Complex - $25

Immune Boosting + Heart + Mood

Vitamin B-12 - $25

Mood + Digestion + Energy

Flu Shot - $20

Beat The Flu This Season!

Glutathione - $45

Recovery + Strength +
Endurance + Detoxification
*not part of 2 for $40

Lipo C - $25

Fat Reducer + Promotes Lean Muscle

Magnesium - $35

Energy + Heart Health + Balance

Taurine - $25

Mental Health + Antioxidant

Tri-Amino - $25

Weight Loss + Energy Boost

Lipo C / Taurine / B-Complex - $35

Fat Reducer + Antioxidant + Health

Hydrate The House

For every IV hydration treatment purchased, Hydrate Me will donate $5 to our local Ronald McDonald House.

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The Hydrate Me staff is made up of highly trained Nurse Practitioners, ER Registered Nurses and Paramedics.

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IV League Rewards

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